Our day unfolds in several stages. It often differs but also relies heavily on an established schedule. We love to sing, dance and read and do so daily. We sing about numbers and letters, and often sing in Spanish too! We use musical instruments to involve the children. Story time is both organized with interactive characters on a story board and one-on-one. We chant nursery rhymes and use clapping to develop coordination.

Fine motor skills are enhanced through puzzle play, extensive arts and crafts and individual tabletop games that challenge the imagination.

Our school enjoys a daily outdoor activity - a trip to the playground, a neighborhood stroll or a visit to the local library. After a hot lunch we take a restful nap.


Nutrition is of paramount importance to us. We serve a hot lunch and two snacks daily, including a raw fruit and vegetable. Organic milk and water are always available. We endeavor to serve local and seasonal foods, and to recycle and compost our food scraps.

We are members of the Oregon Environmental Council.


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